Empire Coffee Roasters


Ethan Phillips - Coffee Emperor

When Ethan was only young, all he wanted to do was become a chef. His desire to work in the hospitality industry led to him landing his first job working as a junior chef in a catering company.

However it didn’t take him long to realise that that side of the wall was not where he wanted to be, and with the discovery of coffee, he knew he had to be behind the coffee machine.

In 2011, Ethan started working for one of the most progressive coffee roasting companies at the time, and trained with some of the top coffee experts in New Zealand. The knowledge and experience he gathered from this, helped lead him into coffee positions in some of Hawke’s Bay’s top resturants, cafes and training facilities.

But it was in that moment, when he first walked into the coffee roastery that started him on this journey, that he knew thats where he wanted to be. That’s what he wanted to do.

Ethan’s love of coffee and hunger for knowledge has helped to get him where he is today, and continues to drive him as he takes Empire Coffee Roasters from a dream and into a reality.