Empire Coffee Roasters

Michael Howes - Duke of Coffee

Michael started his career in coffee at 19, being offered a hands on position at a coffee roasters in the technical department. Although at the time Michael had taken the position as just a job and learning experience, it didn’t take long for coffee to spike his interest and he quickly immersed himself more and more into the coffee culture.

In 2009, Michael transfered down to Wellington from Auckland, where he worked for a well-known New Zealand roasting company, at the same time as working for a top coffee techncial company.

His passion continued to grow, and in 2012 he moved to Hawke’s Bay, where he started his own coffee servicing company and began his training behind the coffee roaster at the country’s most awarded roasting company.


When asked as to what it is that Michael loves about coffee, he responds “…the continual learning aspect in an ever changing environment, and the social culture behind it..”

With his experience and passion for coffee, it was only natural for Michael be a part of the Empire Coffee Roasters leadership.